Is it possible to see who is replying to a topic as they type?

(Bart van Manen) #1

On a busy forum, it may happen that other users are replying to a topic at the same time you are typing your reply. If you use your forum for customer support, you don’t want two operators to post a reply to the same question, this is a wast of their time. Is there any way to see if someone is typing a reply to a topic?

(Torrelles) #2

I have no idea if it’s possible, but as a feature it’d be pretty nice.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

This is more of a chat system feature in my view. Don’t see the utility on a discussion platform.

(Benjamin Kampmann) #4

Is that a common problem you are running into?

I think it should be fairly easy to implement. We are already holding the drafts on the server side and know what post/topic it is about. We could easily fetch that information and show a list of users, who’ve been working on drafts for that post in the last x-mins to admins/moderators in the composer…

Not of high urgency imho though.

(Bart van Manen) #5

I agree there is no urgency in this, but it is something I run into frequently. If you have a few active users with a lot of knowledge and a lot of users posting questions, you end up answering the same question twice because 2 users are answering simultaneously. If you can see someone else is already answering a question, you make Discourse a lot more useful in a helpdesk setting.

(Dave McClure) #6

@amyehawthorne and I were wishing for this feature today… She more than me since I replied first as she was still taking screenshots :smile:

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #7

I’ve seen me start replying… and stop, but not cancel the draft.

You’d need to know when they are actually typing, or you may be waiting on them for a long time for no good reason…

(Jeff Widman) #8

I’m not too excited about this from a privacy standpoint + I’d rather have my users answering… I’m concerned that otherwise they’ll both think the other person will answer and just not reply (or get in a hurry to reply first and reduce the quality of their post)…

(Bart van Manen) #9

Maybe this should be added for moderators/admins only. Sort of like what’s suggested here: Discourse Meta
That way you (as a moderator) can see if another moderator is responding to a thread, or adding extra information to it. I think that wouldn’t be much of a privacy issue, right @jeffwidman ?

(Lisa Wess) #10

This is something we really want for our forums as well; however, we’d like it at Trust Level 4 as well as mods and admins. Would be a very big bonus for us to know both who is viewing a ticket and who is actively responding. This would cover most of those bases.

(Rikki Tooley) #11

What are your thoughts on a separate “chat” archetype? Other forums implement chat functionality with a shoutbox, but a topic would be a better fit for Discourse. I know @sam has talked about the message bus being able to support it.

I don’t think it adds value on every topic (@bwvanmanen’s need would probably be better fixed with a passive presence notification system of some sort), but I think it’d work for a special chat archetype and for private messages too.

(Dave McClure) #12

I think that is a separate feature, though I can see how its related. This topic is more about enabling a small group of people to better act in concert with one another when you they all may be replying “officially” or on behalf of an organization (like a group of support / help desk folks, moderators, or TAs)