Is it possible to unwithdraw a post?

(Tobias Eigen) #1

Is there a way to unwithdraw a post? I somehow managed to write the post, save it, then find myself looking at it in the editor again, maybe in another tab, then closing it and being prompted to discard or save. I had already saved it, so hit discard… then found that I had withdrawn it! Gahh!

I couldn’t figure out how to “unwithdraw” my post, so ended up going into the history, finding the raw version and then pasting it into a new post. that was a relief since it was a longish post that I spent some time on.

A link for the author to take back the withdraw action would be user friendly and feasible for users that do what I did and don’t have the saviness to go look for the raw version.

(Scott Trager) #2

Maybe an “Undo” button? This could reverse an edit as well…