Is it safe to raise max post length?



I’m gonna raise my max post length from 32000 to 65000. Is it safe? I’m asking because I experienced in some forum softwares that when we change max post lenght from forum settings, sometimes database become corruptted (i.e post text overgrow text area in db) . Is there any known problem about this?

(Mittineague) #2

I recommend you install and use the Data Explorer plugin

It is a great tool for learning about the Discourse database.

Using it shows that the posts tables raw and cooked fields are the text datatype.

Discourse use Postgres.
IMHO the PostgreSQL documentation is excellent and you should be able to find answers there to many questions you may have about it.


the longest possible character string that can be stored is about 1 GB

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

If @Mittineague’s excellent and complete answer went over your head, there are no known problems. It is totally safe to change the max post length to 65000 (since it’s less than 1GB :slight_smile:!).