Is it safe to upgrade from 1.9.x stable to 2.0.x stable?

(Nordize) #1

Has anyone upgraded from 1.9.x stable to 2.0.x stable? I wanted to know how safe it is to do so (I’m on 1.9.6). I’ve looked at the release notes and could only see notes for beta releases (is that intentional? Topics tagged release-notes <-- this is the link included in the upgrade notification email; I couldn’t infer from the git commits if any are backward incompatible).

I’m running a few plugins (1 non-official):

The discourse-mathjax plugin is from here: because the official one is/was still buggy and not supporting some features, breaking our existing mathjax posts created with this plugin.

The dicourse_manager plugin is from here

(Carlo) #2

Good question indeed. I guess you’ll have to run the upgrade to find out… :rofl:

If I were you, I would upgrade with ssh ( command line ). Simply because you can update ubuntu, your plugins and discourse all at once, and then restart. I never had any issues this way.

:warning: And please make a backup of your forum.

(Nordize) #3

Well, the purpose of my post was precisely because I didn’t want to be the first one to upgrade. Our Discourse is mission critical - I’m hoping there are others for which it isn’t. If not I’ll setup a copy but would rather save the time if someone confirms they upgraded without issues.

(Tobias Eigen) #4

Meta, this forum you are on now, runs on latest and is updated very regularly. I’ve also never had a problem with keeping my own setup on latest for the last several years, and like most people I consider my own setup to be mission critical. :slight_smile: But then I use only a few plugins that are not official plugins, and I usually only update when prompted to update on the dashboard.

But yes, as @Carlo writes, you still want to run the backup each time before you update. Better safe than sorry.

(Michael - #5

We run almost all our forums on stable and we have upgraded 98% of our customers from 1.9.7 to 2.0.0 without any issues at all. (The other 2% didn’t have issues either, they were just not upgraded or on a beta version).

We did switch mathjax for the official math plugin though.

(Brahn) #6

I did 1.9.x to 2.0.x (multisite, single container) recently and it went fine. I was using the checklist plugin pegged to an older branch and was finally able to let that update to latest. Since stable only updates occasionally I almost always update via ssh and the paranoid in me takes snapshots and a few other precautions first since the extra downtime is not a huge drama for my situation.

(Mark McClure) #7

Can you clarify in what way the new discourse-math plugin in is buggy? In my experience, the old plugin was quite buggy but the new on is not.