Is it supposed to be possible to upload images via email?

Is it supposed to be possible for users to reply to posts with images, and for those images to show up in their post? I had a user send in two images via email, and they got uploaded, but all that showed in his post was the following:



And I can manually browse to those images. I was on v2.0.0.beta1 I think.

I then upgraded discourse to v2.0.0.beta3 +11, did a test post, using gmail, and my incoming image only showed the alt tag on discourse, like this:

[image: Image result for business cat]

FWIW I can successfully upload images via the browser, and those images get sent out via email, and show up in emails.

Just tested an email reply here with image and it worked fine — see picture proof


Something to do with the email client. Tested again, it worked when I used gmail, didn’t work when I used Google Inbox (showed the alt tag instead again).

Can you reply to this message via your email client with an example failure?


Also hitting this issue. Might have something to do with inline images (hosted with an absolute URL) vs ‘attachments’? On version 1.9.3.

These are the two images I was testing with. I’m sending from Google Inbox, images inline.

Image result for BUSINESS CAT

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Hmm looks like it worked, so that means it’s something particular to my install. I’m using Dovecot for inbound.

Can you PM the raw version of an incoming email that’s failing?

I sent a PM, thanks.

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Reporting back, had to have both download remote images to local and incoming email prefer html enabled. Then inline images appear. @zogstrip noticed that the inline images only appear in the HTML version of the email as <img src> tags, not the TXT version.


Hmm, @zogstrip and @gerhard shouldn’t we default “incoming email prefer html” to ON by now? I think we should…

It has been enabled on meta for a long time and it’s working quite well. So, yeah, enabling it by default makes sense.

Done: FEATURE: Use HTML instead of text for incoming emails by default · discourse/discourse@210939d · GitHub