Is "master" always stable?

(Stefan) #1

It’s safe to asume that “master” will always be stable and safe to be “git pull”-ed? I see in my admin dashboard a lot of changes, but the version number is always the same. Should we get the new code only when you increase the version number or it’s safe to do it anytime?

(Tomasz Stachewicz) #2

If it has a green build on travis – Travis CI - Test and Deploy Your Code with Confidence – then it’s good enough (IMO) for deploying.
My experiences (from the last few days) show it’s a good approach. Test suite guarantees that the forum works, at least to extent anticipated by the tests.

If there’s a new bug not covered by the existing test suite, you can always roll back and submit a bug report.

(Tomasz Stachewicz) #3

…aaand the last build has just failed as I was writing my reply :grin:

(Robin Ward) #4

I apologize – I try to keep builds all green but have screwed up lately about it. Our goal is for master to pass tests at all times. If it does not, a developer has messed up and will fix it ASAP.

Today what happened is Guard didn’t trigger all the tests so I saw all greens when committing. That’s why we have Travis actually, to complain in the event of a failure like this so we can fix it properly :slight_smile:

Now whether or not you consider master “stable” depends on your tolerance for issues. We try to keep it functioning at all times but there are occasionally regressions, especially if they are something hard to test or that we don’t have unit tests for. The good news is regressions don’t usually stay around for long.

We’re still technically in a pre-beta mode (hence the 0.8 numbering). Once we hit 1.0, we will definitely be blessing certain builds as usable. Until then, we’d like everyone to pull from master frequently to stay up to date.

(Tomasz Stachewicz) #5

No need to apologize, Robin, you’re doing great work.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

… for a Canadian.

(Tomasz Stachewicz) #7

… learning javascript the hard way :smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #8

We now have a “tests-passed” build which people should use instead of master.

The odds of it breaking are still there, but not as high!