Is post-cloak-1 ID a secure way to theme the very first post in a topic?

(Anton) #1

Being able to change CSS for the very first post in any topic might help to make pages look more like a blog with right comments.

I’ve noticed that the outer-most containers for posts in topics have ID = post-cloak-N N=1,2,3,…

Can I rely on this? Will the very first post always have id post-cloak-1?

(Sam Saffron) #2

Yeah I think that is a safe assumption there, but feels a bit hacky, longer term we will provide a more proper extensibility point.

You could override the view render I guess and switch to your own rendering for post #1 which is a bit cleaner.

(Avi Douglen) #3

I dont think overriding the view render for a single post is “cleaner” than applying a filter to a CSS for the first post…

Either way, I too am looking forward to the “proper extensibility point”, in the meantime I’ll also be using this post-cloak-1 (I do agree that THAT is less cleaner than any of the other options :slight_smile: )