Is the alpha upgrade path going to be smooth?

(Salman, Freelance Developer) #1

Is the upgrade path going to be smooth if we run a site with the current codebase?

(jbn) #2

Curious about this too though I’d consider “No” a perfectly good answer I think a modern framework like Rails offer pretty good migration support, so I’d hope so.

It does give early adopters more safety and a bit of incentive.

(Valts) #3

Probably not, as this is hardly a production-worthy version yet. Though it’s close. :slight_smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Discourse is available as a fully open source project as of Feb 5th 2013, and that means anyone can install a Discourse instance for any reason. Which is perfectly fine and all 100% part of the plan, but…

Being a bleeding edge Discourse forum install might be a little … unhealthy and dangerous for the first six months. We have strong warnings for the super early Discourse forum adopters, and you should consider carefully how you’ll upgrade over the next few months. We expect there to be significant code churn as we work through post launch issues.

  1. First of all, it is not really advisable to install a live Discourse forum in the first six months after launch. This is at best beta software, and very very early beta. We plan to make tons of changes after lauch in the process of hosting our “rule of three” white glove special friend forums here on our servers. See

  2. If you are installing it just to play around or test as a developer or enthusiast, that’s probably fine. Great even! It’s when your forum starts “accidentally” morphing into a stable real-live community that I’d be worried.

  3. For the early adopters, we wanted at least one strong tie to the central hub: notification of new version releases. We can’t control your third party Discourse install nor do we really want to, but we need you to upgrade aggressively particularly early on. We now have “ping the discourse hub for version update info” to make it easy(ish) for Discourse installs to stay up to date! Just check your /admin/ panel for details.

Our “rule of three” hosted forums won’t have these problems because they will be getting special white glove treatment from us. We will of course support third-party installs via topics, but people should know what they’re getting into if they set up a forum on day zero of our release and expect everything to go smoothly – this is brand new software, and although we’ve worked hard over the last 8 months to make it awesome, there are inevitably going to be a lot, and I mean a LOT LOT, of rough edges… that we feverishly polish away for the first 6 months after release.

Bottom line: expect pain, and lots of it, if you actually deploy a forum on the current bleeding edge Discourse beta code.

(Julian) #5

Please please make a one-click update button and update notifications like in Wordpress. You wanna be like Wordpress, right?

(Jeff Atwood) #6

I’m not aware of any Ruby webapps that even attempt to do what WordPress does with easy one-click updates on the server – feel free to correct me if I am wrong – but I agree, that is the goal.

Even if it might be extraordinarily difficult in Ruby.

(jbn) #7

At least I’m clear what I’m walking into :wink:

But for your own sake I can only imagine that you would have a data migration path to keep meta running on a recent version at all times. I was sort of hoping to piggy-back on that.

I know Django can use South for most things, I have no idea what RoR uses.

(Sam Saffron) #8

Well, we use migrations, and are following pretty strict guidelines of what is allowed in migrations and what is not.

That said, there is no chance we are going to test every single upgrade path imaginable. We are going to support upgrades from official point releases, using a common data format we plan to ratify.

(Salman, Freelance Developer) #9

Just noticed that ember.js is also running discourse, have things stabalized or they just chose to run discourse knowing full well they might have issues with updates?

(Brentley Jones) #10

I believe that Discourse the company is hosting and handling the upgrades for them, similar to their 3 launch partners.

(Salman, Freelance Developer) #11

Is the current code base still considered ‘bleeding’ edge, installer beware, I wouldn’t use this on production type state? :slight_smile:

(Dave Jensen) #12

Same question … where is Discourse in terms of stability? If I started a nascent community, and kept up to date with the updates, could it conceivably become a production forum. The 8 month mark is in about 5 weeks.

(Jeff Atwood) #13

How are you calculating 8 months?

Project launch was Feb 5th so:

  1. Mar
  2. Apr
  3. May
  4. June
  5. July

We haven’t even gotten to August 5th which would be 6 months.

If you can, I would wait until we launch the third partner, though I don’t know when that will be. Ideally wait until we reach 1.0 after the third partner launch, that should be in 2013 sometime; I can’t predict more accurately than that.

Discourse gets better, more feature complete, and more stable every day, so it just depends what your personal beta pain tolerance level is (and if you have a status quo, how much you hate that status quo), as to what the actual tipping point will be for you and your community.

(Lee_Ars) #14

Exactly so. Discourse is perfectly usable right now. The last “absolutely can’t go live without it” feature I can think of was secure categories, which was addressed months ago.

It’s not feature-complete and it’s still evolving, but it’s absolutely stable & functional enough to start using today.

(Dave Jensen) #15

Yup, I was counting wrong.

I have two communities for which I need Discourse. One is new and one already exists. I think I’ll just try it out with the new community and wait for 1.0 to transition the old community.

(LoveDiscourse) #16

Same situation for me. I’d love to go ahead and install, I’m able to follow the steps just fine. But upgrading is kinda fuzzy and I don’t want to be stuck later on with an old version. I do hope a wordpress-esque upgrade system of “Press the Button” makes it’s way into discourse.

It’s literally the only thing holding me back.

(Luke Larris) #17

While I too would love a 1-click upgrade option for Discourse, it’s not holding me back from using it because upgrading existing forum scripts still involves uploading new files and running a script. I am not aware of any good forum scripts that do provide a one-click upgrade option. Because of this, upgrading Discourse the current way wouldn’t be that much more trouble.

(Jeff Atwood) #18

The current upgrade instructions are in the “Updating Discourse” section of our official install guide.

(Dave Jensen) #19

Upgrading, so far, isn’t too bad. I recently upgraded from 9.6.0 to 9.6.3 and it was fairly easy.

(Dan Taylor) #20

Compared with some forum upgrades I’ve done in the past Discourse is superbly simple.

Until Discourse reaches 1.0 I wouldn’t expect to see any form of 1 click upgrade and even then I’m not entirely sure given the more complex nature of Discourse that I’d want to trust a 1 click upgrade system to upgrade my Discourse install.