Is the html for /tags/ topic list supposed have a different structure?

(Joe) #1

Topics under /tags/ navigation (when you click on a tag to show all posts that share that tag) have a different html structure when compared to the homepage topic list or /c/ topic list (when you click on a category to show all posts under that category).

On the homepage (and every other page except /tags/)

The post are inside a div with the id #list-area, the structure is #list-area > table > tbody > posts

On /tags/ pages, the posts are inside a <footer> element that’s a child of the #list-area. The structure is #list-area > footer > table > tbody > posts

@angus pointed out that this is a part of the core Discourse templates. He also linked to the specific template for rendering /tags/ pages. Here is the link:

Is this the intended behavior for /tags/ pages?

(Sam Saffron) #2

My feeling is that this is “leftover” from when tags were less integrated into the core.

I am fine for a PR that makes the html more consistent provided there are no regressions.

(Maja) #3

This has been merged move /tags/ topic list out of footer by majakomel · Pull Request #5405 · discourse/discourse · GitHub

(Sam Saffron) closed #4