Is there a best practices guide for Groups, Categories, Permissions, etc

(Lee Joramo) #1

I am evaluating Discourse for use by Non-Profits and Churches who are my clients. I am looking for best practice advice. I have already successfully setup Discourse.

I want documentation that explains the Discourse Way. I have experience with a variety of Content Management Systems, databases, file systems permissions, workflows, ACL’s, etc. Over the years I have learned :

  1. Learn the system’s philosophy. Do not impose your knowledge of other tools on this new one.

  2. Keep it simple and obvious. Have a plan to add features (complexity) if needed. Never over engineer, or get into a situation where you will have to remove features.

I have searched but not found the documentation that explains Discourse’s big picture approach to these matters.

For my specific use cases:

  • To start with, Discourse will be setup as private and invite only. It is possible that in the future some parts will be publicly available.

  • The sites will begin with 20 to 100 active users

  • Discourse should facilitate the communications of Committees and Sub-Committees.

  • Most of the discussions should be visible to all site members (assuming that the sites are private invite only)

  • Some dicussions need to be private to specific groups. For example, the Board of Directors has needs for private conversations related to contracts and personal. A Committee working on Domestic Violence or Minister handling Pastoral Care, may have confidential information.

  • The Executive Director and Board President should have access to everything.

  • People’s Leadership Roles and Committee Affiliations will change over time, consideration need to be given to what this means as to accessing posts.

  • How to best structure the site via Categories.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Good news! Everything you want to do is present out of box in Discourse:

  • turn on private and invite only in site settings

  • most discussion is public by default, so that’s a good match

  • there is a Staff category by default which is private to just admins and moderators. (Executive Directors and Board President)

  • you can add more categories and then use Categories, Edit to make those categories only visible to certain groups as needed.