Is there a good information about Discourse configuration?

I managed to deploy Discourse/Mailgun on DigitalOcean, using the DO’s prebuilt docker image with linux/discourse droplet. At the moment, I am at this state:

Which is the first step in finalizing the Discourse configuration. Note that the account is one of the authorized recipients defined in the Mailgun service configuration.

My question is somewhat difficult to state in a simple fashion, so let me start this way: what is the standard way to receive this activation email and confirm the reception, so that the process of Discourse configuration advances from this current point.

The answer likely requires knowledge of Mailgun - I can rephrase the above question, if someone with Mailgun experience choses to respon to this :slight_smile:

You’re going to want to review Troubleshooting email on a new Discourse install. As you mentioned Mailgun, my first question would be if you gave Mailgun a credit card?


You can check the troubleshooting guide, or for $99 I’ll set up Discourse on a $10/month droplet and send you explicit instructions for getting mailgun configured. $99 Discourse Install – Literate Computing, LLC