Is there a posting limit for users with trust level 1?

A couple of people on our forum have reported posting limits, but I’m pretty sure that they started out with trust level 1. Does Discourse have posting limits for users with trust level 1? If so, is there a way to increase that threshold? I searched for tl1 in the settings, but didn’t find a method for doing so. Thanks!

Do you mean in their first day? Or over a period of a weeks?

Our forum is new, so I don’t know about a limit lasting a week, but it looks like the people who ran into this issue were seeing this on their first day.

Yes, there are special limits for the first day on posting replies and topics. And by “first day” we mean “first day since your first post”.

This is an anti-spam mechanism, for what I hope are semi-obvious reasons :wink:


Okay, that makes a good deal of sense.

For a private forum with paying members, it would be great if we could disable that or set a higher limit, to help bootstrap the forum and keep members happy. I understand that Discourse is geared toward public forums, but there may be others who would benefit from such a setting. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, simply edit your site settings as you see fit.