Is there a Private/Personal Message (PM) How To?

In looking to help a user understand how to send a Private/Personal Message (PM) I first checked the user’s trust level to see if they could and they were at 3-Regular. So then I checked the Discourse How To section and the only How To that I would expect that would cover this would be Discourse New User Guide. In checking that found no details on how to use PM. As a new user at trust level 0 can not use PM, that was understandable that it would not be in a new user guide.

However upon further investigating, I could not find a nice How To on PM that I could link to for the user.

Does a nice How To for using Discourse PM exist?

If so, a link to it would be appreciated.

If not, then could someone who is adept with PM possibly create one and share it with the rest of us. :smile:


:thinking: It seems you are right about that. The only thing in the New User Guide is a brief how-to on replying to a PM in the part on “Notifications,” but nothing about initiating one. However, there are 3 ways to initiate a PM.

  1. Clicking on one’s avatar at the top right; clicking the user avatar (followed by their name); clicking “Messages”; and then “New Message.”
  2. Clicking on one’s avatar at the top right; clicking on the envelope on the right (which will show a list of previous messages), then clicking on it a 2nd time - which brings you to the same page as in #1 above. Click on “New Message.”
  3. If you want to send a PM to someone from a post they made, click on Reply at the bottom right of the post. When the editor pops up, click the reply arrow at the top left. A drop down menu gives you the option to make this reply a PM to that poster.

I agree that the guide should include a step-by-step instruction for new users as to the 3 ways one can initiate PMs, not just replying to them.
Read this link for how to create your own “How-to” wiki where you can post help on whatever subject you want.
My users think a reply will be a private reply




Yes, I also agree. I would make the How-To myself but there are parts of it that I am still not certain about.

In particular if I create a PM and send it, then need a link to it to post in a staff message, I often forget how to get to the sent PM as I don’t often send PM. Only when the receiver replies does a link appear in the user PM queue and then I can find the link. These are the parts of PM that I would do more harm than good if I wrote the How-To.

Thanks for replying because it lets me know that I too can not find it and liking the post.

Odd that this has not come up earlier.

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If you go to your PMs and click on the PM you want the link to, the link appears in the address bar of your browser. You can also click on the chain link (share link) and copy that to a message you create for staff. If you want the link for the entire PM, use the link in the address bar or make sure you’re at the first post in the message and copy the share link from there. Should you want to link to any post/reply in particular, use the share link for that post/reply.

Go for it. Write out the How-To, go back and test each part, then edit the How-To if necessary. Once you think you’re set, create the How-To PM and send. If anyone has a question, by that time you should be “experienced” enough to answer. If not, there’s always this forum. Just post in the “Community” category. :wink:

It hasn’t come up earlier since it is relatively obvious and straightforward for most folks?