Is there a rating feature?

(Lesley Salazar) #1


I want to create a new forum but I would like to know if I can put a tabloid - chart with a questionnaire at the bottom of the main page.

is there a rating feature?

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

I’m not following. Can you do a mockup of what you’re looking to accomplish?

(Lesley Salazar) #3

Hi @jomaxro, sorry for taking so long in answering back.
We haven’t got the mockup, but we are developing it. I will attached here soon.

But just for your information, we want to have a lead board were our members could add features they want us to add to our App. In this board members could rate the importance of each feature.

So its just a rating board where we can collect feedback.

I hope this helps.

Lesley Salazar