Is there a sandbox for testing mod/admin functions?

(Iszi) #1

I was about to pose a question/suggestion regarding features related to mod/admin functions when I thought maybe I should test it in the sandbox first. However, I don’t see any way to elevate my access (or even my user trust level) on Try.Discourse. Perhaps I’m missing something, or perhaps it’s just not there.

In any case, are there plans to make a sandbox for Discourse users to test mod/admin functions? Or is this something site owners will have to host for themselves if desired? I do recognize such a thing is probably easier said than implemented, and completely understand if Discourse will choose not to host such a sandbox for the public, but figured it would be worth the asking.

(Régis Hanol) #2

Discourse provides a really useful vagrant box that you can use as a sandbox.

More information available in the blog post: Discourse as Your First Rails App.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

This does come up a fair bit. I believe Bitnami will allow you to spin up Discourse for one hour at no cost.

And there is our standard Digital Ocean install, which has 1 month free.