Is there a toggle to show categories on topics?


Basically wanting to show the category under topic titles. Not showing up for me.

Yes, am on latest version.

I don’t think there’s an option to hide those. Do you have any theme components installed? Try disabling them because it’s possible they’re hiding the categories via CSS.

I have disabled my theme components, though none would conflict.

I have no custom CSS hiding anything.

I have disabled all theme components, and removed all custom CSS, and this is persisting.

I see categories under topic titles just fine at

Correct; they don’t work on my instance, and I have nothing custom enabled, so wondering if there’s a toggle somewhere or?

Updated to latest version, etc.

Where is the link to your instance?

We have only a site setting to remove the category from the title on topics but currently it doesn’t work


You have a lot of 3rd party plugins installed

  • quick chat
  • topic list previews
  • babble
  • sidebar-blocks
  • whos-online

Remove all and see if the problem persists.