Is there a way to create template replies like there are templates for generating topics?

I’d like a template to appear for replies. Is there a way to do that?

Solved by @lll and @HAWK. Thank you!

Try customising js.composer.reply_placeholder

You can only make one template though and it will apply to all replies, so I’m not sure it will suit your use case given that you are also looking at canned replies.


Thanks, @HAWK. Much appreciated.

I could make one canned reply work. I don’t code, beyond tweaking code already provided. Wish I did. Coding is a beautiful thing. I am assuming that customising js. composter.reply_placeholder requires adding customized css code? I am betting if someone makes this available, people will use the code.

I want to add a template that provides examples of ways to start replies to topics that are conducive to fruitful dialogue and that avoid personal attacks and loud opinions with no facts.

It’s the whole reason I chose discourse – to create a platform where people can voice their opinions safely, where once the tone is set self- moderation takes off. A template reply is one great way to help give people the tools to reply in a respectful, productive way as not everyone has those skills.

For example:

If I had the option to do multiple reply templates (set up in a plugin like Canned Reply), I’d make this the “I disagree” canned reply so people can get ideas for how to frame a reply where they disagree. For only one reply template I’d just put all my example reply starter phrases in one long template for users to peruse if they are stumped for how to frame their thoughts.

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I think what @HAWK was referring to is the placeholder in the reply textarea.

If you go to the admin you can modify different texts in Discourse. In this case,


will result in:

when the reply composer is opened for a reply.

However, this being a placeholder, It’s not editable by the user. As soon as the user types anything, it would go away.

Also, it’s text only, I don’t think markdown is supported, but line-breaks appear to be supported.


Thanks, III. This is awesome. I’m betting that others might find this option handy if they know about it. I don’t think I mind the template disappearing as users can peruse it and just use it to get the juices flowing for how to frame their reply.

P.S. Did you see my posts concerning the Canned Reply Plugin? Such a cool plugin. My thought is it could provide templates for replies for all users if all users are allowed access.

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I agree, I think there would be a lot of uses for a modified version of the canned replies plugin that allows for per-category canned replies by that are accessible by users.

I would love to give it a go but knowing how very little I know about plugins / Ember / Discourse in general I think I won’t get anywhere

I remember it being brought up a few times in other discussions, it might actually be worth getting everyone who’s interested to pitch in and hire a developer in the #marketplace to create a private plugin to be shared by those who funded its development.

Sorry I cannot offer more help :sunflower:


Sunflowers are my favorite flower. It was nice to see your reply to my post here. You have been so helpful . Thank you, III.

So that’s how it works with the plugins? That’s good to know. I don’t have funds now, but that could change. What a great system.

I inputted the template and the text showed up for a dummy account I made, but not for me as admin. Would you happen to know if that is because, (a) the text will only show up for accounts created after I made this change, or if (b) the text won’t show up for admin, or if © I need to change a setting for who gets to see the text?

Ignore my question, III. I simply logged out and back in and it worked for me as admin. I’ll leave this question here, though, in case someone else decides to use this reply template and has the same problem.