Is there a way to get all posts by a user?

(Ryan Choi) #1

I see /topics/created-by/{user}, and would love to do the same for posts.

Anyone have success with this?

(Dean Taylor) #2

The users page contains this information? right?

And this requests:

You might want to look there.

(Ryan Choi) #3

The second link was amazing. Thanks for that. The first one:

is what seemed to make sense to me, but when I do /users/rchoi/activity/posts, I get my user profile object; not a list of posts:

user_badges: [],
badges: [],
badge_types: [],
users: [],
user: {}

(Contents edited for brevity.)

And I’m on my way. Thanks DeanMarkTaylor!

(Edwin Mhoy Silva) #4

Really helpful post!