Is there a way to have the body of each topic displayed?

(Stephen Francoeur) #1

At the brand new Discourse instance for the Library Society of the World, we’re trying to recreate as best as possible the experience we got from our soon-to-be defunct home on FriendFeed. We’d like to make it easier to judge whether a topic is worth clicking through on by showing a snippet of text from the body or maybe even the whole body on the home page and any other page that lists topics (such as the category pages). Is there a way to do this?

(Michael Downey) #2

Right now the only way to display an excerpt of the topic’s 1st post is by pinning it, either within the specific category listing, or globally across and up through all categories. Admins can do this with the “wrench” menu in the upper right of a topic page.

(Kane York) #3

Though I believe that it was planned for excerpts to be shown on /search, for all topics.

(Maya Lesh) #4

I agree this will be a great improvment and make the topic list much more user friendly. We are definitlely interested.