Is there a way to include a redirect after an SSO login?

(Jeff Willette) #1

I would like to be able to login users on the forum when they login to my main site without having to include /session/sso in the forum link.

The reasons for this are that I will be linking to specific parts of the discourse instance from other places in my site. So if I want to link to, then the user will not be logged in there and I cannot easily log them in without them having to click on the avatar or login link.

Is is possible to include a redirect in the sso_login process somewhere that I missed, so I can log the user in when a main site login happens and then redirect them to somewhere on the main site?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

If SSO is enabled and login is required you can point then anywhere and the SSO process works.

(Jeff Willette) #3

I dont want tp require login for simply viewing the forum. I want login to occur concurrently with main site login. It seems that there should be either…

  1. an api endpoint for this similar to /admin/users/user_id/log_out
  2. A way to redirect users to an arbitrary location (even on different domain) after sso login

(Kane York) #4

Add an interstitial after-login page that contains this:

(Jeff Willette) #5

Thanks, that is what I ended up doing :slight_smile: