Is there a way to install discourse without using "discourse-setup"?

(Michel Albert) #1

I’m planning to give discourse a whirl to replace an ancient phpBB site. The site has around 30 accounts, of which roughly 5 a really active. So the resource needs for this site is extremely low.

I saw that the discourse-setup script runs a bunch of optimisations on the host system. I don’t want to make system-level modifications on the host just yet (if ever…). I’d really love to just run docker-containers without that. Are there some guidelines on how to do this? Maybe via docker-compose?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

This is a rather extreme mischaracterization. The setup script creates a swap file on the host in low memory conditions, and only after prompting. I can’t think of anything else it does to the host.

So unless you hate swap files, which ARE required to run Discourse with 1GB and 2GB ram, I suggest using the setup script.

(ljpp) #3

I have a proposal:

ENTER to continue, 'n' to try again, Ctrl+C to exit: 

Configuration file at containers/app.yml updated successfully!

How about adding an option here for saving the app.yml but not starting the bootstrap?

This would give one an opportunity to edit the default values before moving further. There are several kinds of scenarios where the defaults might not be optimal and an advanced user is keen to have a look.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

I think in those cases just skip setup and edit the file directly.

(ljpp) #5

Sure. Where is this option documented or proposed to the user? And even if I want to modify some values (branch, number of unicors maybe) the discourse-setup has it cons - Lets Encrypt setup, for example.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

We could document it here

As that is the advanced install guide

(ljpp) #7

Today I would have been pulling my hair, if it wasn’t only 5mm long. Installed Discourse with discourse-setup and tried to restore a backup, which failed.

The reason was I forgot that discourse-setup uses tests-passed as default, and the backup I was using was from stable. I would love couple of improvements to discourse-setup.

  • Ability to choose branch
  • Include optional CloudFlare template support out of the box

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #8

Backups from older versions work just fine.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

There is zero value in using Cloudflare with Discourse, actually negative value as it makes setup and troubleshooting more complex. The only value in CF is DDOS protection, if you are sure you will be DDOSed.

Also stable isn’t recommended, way too far behind.

(ljpp) #10

Well absolutely did not. I found similar reports here, started from scratch with the stable branch and it worked. I did not make a note of the error message though.

@codinghorror Could you elaborate that? CloudFlare claims to save a ton of bandwidth. It adds a layer of protection, provides a nice view if the site is down and is overall very good as a DNS.

Branch selection was the main grief though, not CloudFlare.

(Sam Saffron) #11

I think there is some confusion here with the messaging.

Our preferred CDN setup works on every CDN provider that supports origin pull (including cloudflare)

As long as you have this in place you are saving tons of bandwidth.

In general “full site CDN” is far more complex to setup with minimal benefits for 99.9% of sites.