Is there a way to make the user profiles show the user github and twitter accounts?

(Dinorah Cantu Pedraza) #1

Hello all,

As I was editing my profile, I saw the option to add my github and twitter info, but then, when finished, this doesn’t show up in my profile. Is there a way to show it?

(I’m also the admin of the site, so will be able to do so :slight_smile: )

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Not sure what you are talking about here, we have no such fields? Did someone add them as custom user profile fields?

(Dinorah Cantu Pedraza) #4

I don’t know. They show when I click the preferences for my profile:

@arnaud_sahuguet did you add the fields customizing the user profile?

(Arnaud Sahuguet) #5

The question is whether/how we can display custom profile attributes on the user profile page/card.

In our deployment, we have added Twitter and Github as custom user profile attribute and we would like to show them.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

These are custom user profile fields. They are not standard.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Yes, @neil will be adding that feature soon. Custom fields will be displayable on user profiles.

(Dinorah Cantu Pedraza) #8

Yeiii, great. It’s exciting how discourse keeps getting better and better. Thanks for the reply @codinghorror

I can’t stop talking about discourse, haha, to the point people think I work for you as a sales person. But well, it’s hard not to talk about tools that you believe in are making a difference.

(Boris Gaganelov) #9


Has this been implemented or is it still on a TO-DO list?


(Jeff Atwood) #10

Yes, see, Admin, Customize, User Fields.

(Boris Gaganelov) #11

Thanks a million! And is it possible to visualize custom variables in the profile card (like the one that I get when I click your avatar right now)? Cheers!

(Jeff Atwood) #12

Yes just check that option in Admin, Customize, User Fields.

(Mittineague) #13

I see the custom field showing on member’s Profile pages, but not the User Cards, which I think is what . Boris_Gaganelov means by “profile card”

Not sure I like the idea, things could get crowded.