Is there a way to manipulate user summary statistics?

is there a way to manipulate these numbers for 1 person?

Define “manipulate”? What do you mean?



instead of having 27.2k :heart: received, could i make it 35k ?

or, instead of having 667 days visited, could i make it 675 (i’ve missed a few days since i started the site)

Like more posts? :revolving_hearts:


the big thing i wanted was to fix the days i’ve visited, i’ve been on a couple vacations and missed a couple days here and there

I can’t support this, I am sorry.

Help me fudge numbers and display doctored data to my forum visitors is not a supported scenario.


Even if you found a way to temporarily override these numbers, the fudged values would be eradicated when your user statistics were next calculated.


thanks anyway, if you knew my website you’d understand.

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Beginning to understand what @codinghorror meant when he called this an anti-feature. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If a nosy person might be indulged, why not configure Discourse to auto-close topics after a set period of time after the last post? It’s been ~18 months or so since I last admin’d a Discourse install, but I’m sure my mind didn’t make that feature up. Wouldn’t it be a better fit?

There is setting for that which is off by default. We use it in some categories here.

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