Is there a way to pin a topic without the 3 line preview?

(Demetri Nerris) #1

I noticed that when pinning topics it automatically adds a 2-3 line preview under the title. Is there a way to pin a topic without that preview?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

No, it is by design that pinned topics show a summary. You could perhaps hide it via CSS.

(Demetri Nerris) #3

Thanks for the advice!

(Josh) #4

Below is the css in particular if you’d like to hide the excerpt but as @codinghorror has alluded to, you really don’t want your users skimming over a pinned topic. It’s pinned for a reason, after all.

#topic-list .topic-excerpt {display: none;}


I tried to hide the preview via the suggested CSS as below. But the preview still there… Anything wrong in my step? or any additional steps I need to take besides this CSS?

(Benjamin Freeman) #6

Better try with

.topic-list .topic-excerpt {display: none;}

Make sur the activated box is check also :wink:


Wow, it works! Thank you for the help!!