Is there a way to remove your edit history?

(Jacob) #1

I almost tagged this as “bug” but I guess it’s more of a “feature” that hasn’t been implemented yet but there should be a way to remove edit history in case you accidentally post a password or other sensitive information.

(Kevin P. Fleming) #2

Keeping in mind that this would only stop new people from seeing the sensitive information; anyone who had already seen it, and anyone who had received an email notification that contained it, and any Internet crawlers that already copied it, and (many more) would still have the information.


This could be feasible for admins to do, but allowing normal users to remove their own history could have unwanted consequences, which is why edit history is there in the first place. For instance, the old “post something, get people to reply in agreement, change it” troll.

(Jacob) #4

@kpfleming That may be true, but it’s not a reason to leave that exposed material even more exposed.

I agree if it was poorly implemented it would be a way for trolls to get people riled up then delete the post. I think a good solution would be an option to delete history that would delete it from public view only and flag a moderator.

It’s not very elegant, but it would help in case someone misses a ninja edit. I’m sure there are better ways to do it.

(Kevin P. Fleming) #5

Unless I’m mistaken, users can flag their own posts; if a suitable flag is chosen, the post will disappear for everyone except the moderators (or admin) immediately.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

The post can only be soft deleted at this time. There is no way to hard delete a post, or edits to a post, yet. So flag for moderator attention and request a delete if this does come up.

(James B) #7

I found this topic while searching for an answer.

I have noticed what seems strange to me regarding edit history.

Sometimes when I edit, the edit history is not accurate especially if there is formatting and it appears buggy. I am specifically testing edit history and have tried to pay close attention to make sure it is not an error on my end, but I am still in the process of trying to figure out if I am just not using Discourse correctly or do not understand edit history well enough.

Another issue with edit history seems to be possibly related to how soon after last posting or editing that I try to edit again.

If I immediately edit again after saving a post or edit to a post, some of the edit history gets deleted and some of the edit history gets buggy.

Are there known issues here or is there anything I need to keep in mind related to this?

I was not sure if I should have replied as a new topic or looked deeper for an existing topic, so thanks in advance for any help becoming more familiar with Discourse and meta.discourse if I am using either wrong.

Let me know if I need to clarify somehow or include more information.


(Jeff Atwood) #8

After you post, there is a 5 minute grace period for editing, where new edits are not counted as revisions.

(James B) #9

Perfect, thank you. That definitely helps expand my understanding of some of the issue.

Here’s a quick rundown of another issue I noticed:

  1. I posted.
  2. More than 5 minutes later, I revised.
  3. Less than 5 minutes later, I revised.
  4. More revisions, bouncing between step 2 and 3.
  5. Some revisions that should have saved and at one point were saved have now been removed or show inconsistent information. Screenshot below:

Nevermind, I can’t upload images yet.

Link to issue and screenshot of previous edit history: Edit notes, history, and edit history bugs - Meta - Discuss-Learn

When I see the comparison between edit 1 and 2, it shows edit 2 being a shorter post. When I see the comparison between 2 and 3, it shows edit 2 being much longer. There are also edits missing, and the first edit glitched out the actual 1st edit.

Sorry, but thanks for any more help. It seems like one could manage to delete a previous edit history by manipulating the under 5 minute rule. 3 edits that were posted in their own 10 minute time frame (5 each side) appear to have been removed.

(Jeff Atwood) #10

I believe @zogstrip is aware of this issue, it has been brought up before.

(Kane York) #11

I tried to fix it, but I couldn’t figure out how the replacing of the old version was happening.

(James B) #12

I’m going to try to get into forking Discourse and fooling around. If I figure it out I will update.

I will work on figuring out how to use the search function better, it seems I am still missing things. It might help if I use the actual search bar here instead of inurl: searches.

Thanks for the help!

(Joe Seyfried) #13

Sorry to revive this - but I consider this a major flaw/bug/missing feature. Consider the following situation which we frequently run into:

User posts a lenghty text, provides some good insiges etc. but includes a link which cannot be tolerated e.g. for legal reasons. The only solution we’d have using Discourse would be to delete (i.e. hide) the post to the non-moderator member completely. This is not acceptable if the rest of the posting contains a reasonable amount of good content! Otherwise, the link which should not appear would still be visible to everyone if they know what the orange colored pencil symbol means… There has to be a mechanism around this, I really consider this a bug/missing feature. I am willing to wrap my mind around some other things that Discourse handles differently, but this one is severe to me and my team.

(Jeff Atwood) #14


  • delete the original post
  • re-post original content as you, with the “illegal” bit removed
  • after posting, change ownership of the post to the original user

You can change post ownership via the topic wrench at the upper right. Select posts, change ownership.

(Dave McClure) #15

There is a site setting to hide all edit history everywhere if that helps.

I started looking into the ability to delete specific revisions a little while ago, but haven’t had too much time.

(Joe Seyfried) #16

Thanks for the hint, but: this looks a bit Microsoft-1995-like to me - sorry. :wink: This would be especially painful if the discussion in the thread in question has already moved on and there are other replies - or is there a way to insert a post at a given position into a discussion thread? The alternative would be highly disruptive for the readability of the overall content.

Great - the edit history would have been nice for other occasions, but this would be the “solution” for us I guess… Anyway, would there be some support from you guys here if I filed this as a bug/missing feature?

(Jeff Atwood) #17

That depends, are you paying us for hosting or other services? :wink:

The other option is to contribute a pull request that adds the feature you’re looking for.

Open source is a beautiful thing!

(Joe Seyfried) #18

:slight_smile: All right — unfortunately, my resources are too limited at the moment: too little time, too little ruby expertise, and avoiding to talk about money… :wink:

But I still consider this as a minor design flaw somehow. However: I admire this whole project and all the work you guys have put together :thumbsup:

(Dave McClure) #19

I’m still planning on working on a PR for this at some point if no one gets to it first.

(Caue Rego) #20

In my book, deleting anything should be disruptive.

And leaking out sensitive information should be regretful. If you leaked it, changing it at the source is the only safe way to deal with it - not trying to “delete all copies”. The web is tough.