Is there a way to turn digests on for mass users?

(Jeremy M) #1

I am wanting to turn on email digests for any user to our forum that hasn’t logged in since, say Jan 1. I know there is a way to override a setting but want to override it only for certain users.

I know this is the syntax:

User.update_all(mailing_list_mode: true)

but I don’t want mailing list mode, I want digest and can’t seem to find the specific setting

(Christoph) #2

Make that “any user to our forum that hasn’t logged in since 100 days” and your site setting is called suppress digest email after days = 100.

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

There are some topics about setting a preference for Set of users at the rails console. I couldn’t find one before I finished my sandwich.

(Jeremy M) #4

Yes @tophee that makes sense - more trying to find the setting to turn digests on for all and then will use that suppress digest email setting. There’s a column in user_options called email_digests

(Christoph) #5

You don’t turn it on as it is on by default. You turn it off using disable digest emails.

I would not change the suppress digest email after days though, because the digest is (supposedly) crucial in bringing users back to your site. If you turn it off too soon, you are losing users.

You might want to consider reducing the default email digest frequency if you are worried about people getting annoyed…

(Jeremy M) #6

So my real reason here is that for some reason we had digests turned off - and I am turning them back on - but we have a lot of users who have it turned off in their user settings. I want to turn it back on for all and then they can turn it back off

(Jeremy M) #7

In the user profile they can turn it off - and I want to kick it back on for all

(Jeremy M) #8

So @tophee is it possible to turn that feature (digests) back on for everyone?