Is there a way to upvote or downvote comments

(David Celis) #2

“Upvote” using the like button (looks like a heart). There’s no downvoting, because that’s largely considered a wholly nonconstructive form of feedback.

Downvotes are a lose/lose. The person being downvoted doesn’t know why and, therefore, probably won’t learn. The downvoter doesn’t learn how to properly articulate why they thought the comment was bad.

Have a problem with someone’s comment? Use your words.

(Nedal) #3

But lets say someone was asking a question and the best response was hidden in the comments and when someone else is looking for a similar question has to dig thru comments to find the answer where as if the an answer was upvoted then they could see it instead of searching through the pile of comments. OR there could be a way for the user who is asking a question to pick the best response?

(David Celis) #4

But as I said before, there basically is an upvote function. It’s the button that looks like a heart. You can quickly scan through the comments to see which comment has the most likes.

If a thread gets a lot of responses and wading through the comments becomes difficult, that thread usually automatically gets switched to a “Best Of” view, where the better comments trickle to the top.

(Nedal) #5

Thanks for you response. I still think the whole shuffling thing would be annoying. It would be best for it to be moved to the top.

(sparr) #6

what “whole shuffling thing”?

(Nedal) #7

I was referring to what @davidcelis said about scanning through the comments.

(Neil Lalonde) #8

Moving the best posts to the top would take them out of sequence, so suddenly those awesome posts might seem out-of-context. You seem to be describing a Q&A system (like Stack Exchange), not a discussion system (like forums).

(Nedal) #9

Thanks for your reply @Neil you make a good point. I can see how it would make it hard for someone to keep track of what is going on. Im looking to start a site that is more convincing someone rather than answering someone. So in this case I just want to see what works best for me, I am currently using OSQA but feel like when it comes do convincing someone a discussion would do more justice.

(David Celis) #10

A discussion probably would do more justice, but that’s what threaded replies are for. It sounds like you would want more of a Q&A system like Stack Exchange as @Neil said. People can still hold conversations on Stack Exchange because people can comment on answers, and those comments are threaded in sequence.

(Nedal) #11

How could you access this "best of " view?

(David Celis) #12

Currently, it happens automatically when a thread has a lot of responses. There’s no way to manually enter that view; you have to wait for a certain number of replies

(harunxxl) #13

i think exactly the same way like you my friend ! It would be cool if we could add this up and down voting as plugin or additional where we have to change the settings in the admin panel !


Do you happen to know if the number of replies required before this functionality kicks in documented anywhere?

(Dave McClure) #15

That feature kicks in at 50 posts:

(Tiago Freitas) #16

Downvotes on reddit are used for posts that are nonconstructive / completely offtopic, as a means of filtering them.
It’s stronger than not upvoting, and I think it’s the main reason of Reddit’s popularity and it’s major strength…it crowdsources moderation.
An explanation can be added as a reply, but it’s usually not needed at that level, and in many cases is a waste of energy.

It’s also used to measure the quality of the comments and then order the threads better, which is huge when there are a lot of comments, but the main advantage for me is hiding the negative ones when I don’t have time to read everything.

Something can be said about downvotes based on opinion for lack of understanding, to solve that a popup should ask for confirmation by default (Are you sure this comment is off-topic or not constructive?)

If I want to filter all comments bellow a certain level (say 0) and there is no downvoting, then I will filter comments that did simply not get any votes because they were not exceptionally good or bad.

You could add a button to report spam, then hide the comment after a number of spam reports, but that does not take into account the ratio of upvotes / downvotes so it’s not as good.

(Christopher McEwan) #17

Tentative first post from a newbie considering Discourse as the platform for new community discussion forum.

i understand the function of the heart/like/upvote button and flag/inappropriate button and have read the various posts on the merits or otherwise of downvoting in a hopefully civilised discussion.

I understand that the principal authors of Discourse do not intend to include downvoting in the core functionality, as per the May 13 discussion. My question is whether downvoting has or is likely in the near future to be developed as an optional plugin. Is anyone able to advise?

the context is that while i am attracted to the Discourse design concepts i would like have the option of adding a downvoting system if necessary to sharpen the incentives to make quality postings and to help ‘steepen’ the reputational ‘curve’.

not looking to reignite the debate as to whether downvoting is good or bad, just to understand if the option is likely to be there if we conclude in the future that it might be helpful.

(Mittineague) #18

I’d say if you’re that keen for it, Discourse is open-source, so write the plugin. Then you’ll have it.
If others are likewise interested, you might even be able to market it.

(Christopher McEwan) #19

yea, unfortunately i’m not a coder so that would definitely be beyond me. but potentially interested if anyone is developing. I am also trying to understand other means within the Discourse design by which forum administrators ‘encourage’ their community to stay on topic and by which those members who make the ‘best’ (on topic, insightful) postings can quickly come to be recognized by the community. Most of this obviously lies in the culture of the community but i’m trying to understand what levers are available to me to promote good behavior (and discourage bad) especially in the early days of the forum when the culture is still ‘up for grabs’

(Mittineague) #20

Well, if you don’t code, there is the marketplace category here. I think you stand a good chance that someone that does code would be willing to negotiate on the project.

(Dean Taylor) #21

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