Is there a working group registration flow?

(Zak Holdsworth) #1

We are having different groups form chapters within our community like this. I have been directing folks to this link and when they signup by clicking on the join group button, after their registration is complete, it seems that they have not joined the group… it is confusing them and they are ending up not joining the group.

Is there a group registration flow that automatically adds them to the group once they successfully complete their registration?

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

If you know their addresses already, you can do a bulk invite to the group.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Yes, this is usually done via the group settings based on the email address.

That is for the enron group, automatically add new users to it if they signed up with a email address.

(Steve Combs) #4

This is an important issue for me also and a big pitfall for non-logged in or non registered users.

Would be preferred to follow through with the original action immediately after registration/login, like is done for a private topic–the user ends up back on the private topic.

So join them to the group or trigger the PM (assumes settings for PM have been changed to TL0) as applicable, after login.

As an alternative, at least return the user to the /groups page after login.

As a last ditch effort, could just not display or make buttons inactive for non-logged in users.

It’s currently a pretty tough “row to hoe” for new users.

EDIT to clarify that non-logged in users are returned to the /groups page after logging in. Would be nice to have same result for new users. That would have to happen after the user clicks the activation email.

(Zak Holdsworth) #5

@codinghorror I’m talking about basically random people. Like if say I’m moderating this group, and I just say, he, come join my group by signing up here: Hint Community, and then clicking join group. To an unitiated user, it is really confusing why once I have clicked join, filled out the registration, and I’m in, that the user has not actually joined the group…

@scombs suggestion is not a bad one, but this suggestion is probably the most ideal.

(Zak Holdsworth) #6

Thanks for the suggestion @pfaffman, the problem with this approach, is that they don’t go through the full registration flow, so all the questions we are asking when people enroll (which are important for the integrity of the community we are trying to build). Also, sometimes newbies are just exploring an a call to action that might draw their attention, is the join group. Again, if they click that button, they do not actually get put in the group post signup…

(Jeff Atwood) #7

OK so that’s the suggestion?

(Kane York) #8

The complaint here is that there’s no indication one way or another if the site remembered and applied the button you clicked on to pop the login dialog.

Could special-case this for group registration and put extra UI in the login dialog for this.

Logging in will also add you to the california_chapter group. [ :heavy_multiplication_x: Remove ]

Registering will also add you to the california_chapter group. [ :heavy_multiplication_x: Remove ]

(Jay Pfaffman) #9

The bulk add from a file feature lets you include a topic to send them to.

(Zak Holdsworth) #10

Yes but that implies you know who to invite. If people are just discoving the group then the flow is broken.

(Zak Holdsworth) #11

I would say that is better than what is currently happening. I would say ideal feature here is just if someone clicks join group, and then registers, it just adds them to the group… that was their intended action and it is confusing.

Joining a group doesn't take effect unless the browser is hard-refreshed
Notify group owners when added and removed
(Jeff Atwood) #12

We can add this to @tgxworld’s list, he is currently doing mandatory military service.

Require users to join at least one group at sign-up
(Alan Tan) #13

PR at

Groups link to group?
(Alan Tan) #14

Ok I’ve made sure that we redirect back to the group pages if user is not logged in or has just signed up.

@sam had some reservation about automatically applyingn the group actions.

FEATURE: Redirect to poll after login/registration flow
FEATURE: Redirect to poll after login/registration flow