Is there an engine for CMS as Discourse is to forums that you regard as the best?

I’m starting to look at CMS.

I’m spoilt by the amazing Discourse.

Is anyone aware of an opensource CMS system that shares the level of quality and community support that Discourse has that is more generic and less focussed on ‘the forum’?


Most popular CMS (other than discourse) should be wordpress, There are other options but I’ve very rarely seen them being so much supported, Drupal is a good option as well, If you’re into python, django may be a thing that you may like.

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Thanks, yes was aware of Wordpress.

I’d love to find something that is as dynamic as Discourse.

Ummm! Google for some javascript based CMSes! Ghost is very good for publishing too.

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Nothing is more dynamic than WordPress, due to the sheer quantity of different plugins and themes out there. You can use WP to create almost any kind of site.

That being said, there are cons to using WordPress. WP sites tend to get hit by brute force and spam bot attacks more so than any other type of site.

You’re also going to want to buy a lot of the plugins and the theme you use because you’ll need to make sure they are updated regularly so they don’t break with updates of WP core and updates to other plugins. It’s important to keep everything updated for the security concerns I mentioned.


I’m not 100% clear what you mean by this. Can you expand on the nature of the dynamism that you are looking for?

Maybe you will need to test something different from WP: something open-source, and beautiful :wink:


Apologies. I should say ‘Progressive’ as per the Google definition:

but in the main I mean: minimised or eliminated full page reloads

Here’s my unpopular opinion: WordPress is not a CMS.

It is a blogging platform. That’s what it was built to be. There are plenty of different purpose-built CMS tools out there, including OctoberCMS and BigTree CMS.

I’ve used October for a few of my own sites, and I’ve even built a few entirely by hand using a framework like Laravel (which is a bit like Rails but for PHP).

I wrote a small post about my disdain for WordPress a few years ago. My feeling hasn’t changed.


It kind of evolved to be a CMS over time, so that’s what it is now. But that kind of evolution can be … awkward.

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I definitely agree with this. They should have added a UI for adding/removing post types into WP core a long time ago. That would make things a lot less awkward and more like a CMS.

Found this interesting:

A brief history of CMS and the introduction of an Ember based CMS (start at 1:10):