Is there an overview of all the data Discourse collects about its users? And can I limit it?

Is there an easy/readable overview of what data a default Discourse installation collects about its users? And can I configure it? I’d like to limit unnecessary data collection as much as possible and accurately report the data that is collected to my users.

As an example: When looking at the privacy policy of this Discourse instance, I notice that data is shared with Google Analytics. I don’t need Google Analytics to run my community and would prefer not to use it, if possible.

That’s cool – just don’t configure it then.

The data listed in our privacy policy (which you link to) is complete. That’s your source of truth.


I don’t remember a step in the setup wizard about it. Is the default to use GA or not use GA?

It’s not in the setup wizard, correct. You need to add your tracking number into the settings. By default you do not use GA.


Analytics requires the web properly be created at google to create the tracking ID.

It’s not possible for Discourse to do this without your knowledge.