Is there any easy way to follow the official install doc of Docker on openvz?

(Abel Van) #1

the official doc is just good support to Docker install on ubuntu, suppose now I have already install a ubuntu in openvz, then I know I can follow the ubuntu guide to install discourse.

My doubt is: is there any easy way to install it in my case, just as the official doc for docker?

Is it possible to transform the docker to fit my case?

(Kane York) #2

From what I can see on the OpenVZ homepage, it looks like OpenVZ has a lot of overlap with Docker - they both create and manage LXCs.

However, based on this ServerFault post ( Is it possible to start LXC container inside LXC container? - Server Fault ), it looks like it will be possible to run Docker inside of OpenVZ with negligible performance degradation, as long as your OpenVZ instance is allowed to create new containers from inside.