Is there any statistics for a small forum on uploads usage and, as a bonus, on S3 usage?

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Could anyone share storage usage statistics after, say, 6 months of Discourse usage for a small community?

While I’m sure that a $10 to $20 DigitalOcean instance will server our small (<1000 users) community pretty well during years, I doubt about whether 10 to 20GB is enough for those who like to share images all the time (like our users).

Also, could you be so kind to share S3 usage statistics (or probably just an average monthly bill?). I can’t even imagine how many gigabites are usually stored and downloaded by site visitors, so I cannot estimate possible expenses.

Our old PHP-based forum currently has 80k views/day and ~800 users.
There are a few images in almost every topic.



If you run a tiny forum it is likely you will never hit your image call limit for your bucket and you’ll likely stay within the free tier. I am sorry I have no statistics to provide. I don’t have logging for my bucket turned on.

But here are your parameters and thresholds:

Upon sign-up, new AWS customers receive 5 GB of Amazon S3 standard storage, 20,000 Get Requests, 2,000 Put Requests, 15GB of data transfer in, and 15GB of data transfer out each month for one year.

then a bunch of TL;DR and then this.

Assuming your bucket is in the US Standard Region, the Request fees are calculated below:
310,000 PUT Requests: 310,000 requests x $0.005/1,000 = $1.55
620,000 GET Requests: 620,000 requests x $0.004/10,000 = $0.25
5,000 DELETE requests = 5,000 requests x $0.00 (no charge) = $0.00

They recommend turning on the deletion tool for images. I don’t know how well that will work with forum owners.

Also, it is unclear what happens to you after 1 year? Do they start billing? and if so how does one set expectations and mitigate expenses?

Sorry. More questions than answers but your post piqued my interest.


I have all of 21 images uploaded BUT I am also using S3 for my backups those are about 1 mb a piece and I have about 10. Backups go to a different bucket.

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Thank you for the insight and quick estimation.
Re billing we are not going to bill in 1 year time. This is a totally free community which must help local goat farming business flourish.

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What do you mean “all of 21” - do you have only 21 images?

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If I understand correctly, the most expensive part is this:

Data Transfer OUT From Amazon S3 To Internet
$0.120 per GB

With one image size up to 3MB, 1GB traffic is just 341 views of an image, which is quite low for a forum with 80k views per day. So I wonder if it’s much cheaper just to increase the DigitalOcean storage.

Btw, for storage only, the cheapest option is to use many small droplets ($5 / 20GB) and mount them with internal networking.


Only twently one images hosted in the bucket (my forum has no people only test posts) for now.

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You can see my back of the envelope estimates here

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