Is there any way to include excerpts of blogs as topics instead of full posts?

Sorry, not sure how to word this better. But on our website we have it set up so blog posts are posting topics to the forum, which embed the replies as comments on the blog. As it is now, the forum post contains an entire copy of the blog. But what we’ve found is that it’s distracting viewers from reading the original articles, which is a problem because the forum posts don’t always format as intended, and we want to divert traffic to the main blog.

So, my question is, is there any way to include a brief excerpt of the blog as the opening post of the topic, instead of the full blog post? Let me know if it’s possible! Thanks.

I’m not sure about the excerpt vs. full post thing, but wouldn’t it be better to try to fix the formatting problems? That way you’d maximize the total people seeing your content. :slight_smile:

How did you set this up? If you are using the RSS embed or WordPress Discourse plugins, it will only display an excerpt of the blog post by default. You can view and Discourse blog as examples.

If you’re using RSS embed then I’m afraid not. I tried to ask the same question a few days ago here with no answer.

I believe the Discourse blog uses Wordpress which seems to be working correctly unlike RSS embed. Codinghorror blog still displays the full contents of every post behind the ‘Show Full Post’ button. It’s either full post or excerpt and full post behind the button for rss embeds. No way around full post contents being included.

There are a few other bugs in there as well, but this is the most severe.

I think we got to that situation because people wanted the full post available on Discourse, e.g. for quoting; and there wasn’t anyone who didn’t want the full post included yet.

Perhaps you could resolve this in a way that still lets people stay on the forum (NB: This will happen to somebody) by fixing the embed or fixing your analytics to include views from the forum?

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Funny, since this is how the Discourse blog right here is configured at the moment. I’m pretty sure this is straight out bug. That’s why the blacklist is there, it’s just buggy.

We’ve put a lot of effort into our blog at least. Discourse doesn’t have nearly all of the functionality in layout and content.

The site @Aspirety is talking about (co-run with me) uses a Ghost blog, with a forum for discussion. This one, more specifically.

How would you suggest setting it up for excerpts, aside from manually editing the autolinked post?

Seconding this. A lot of work went into the layout of the blog, and making the forums match wouldn’t be feasible - and attempting to do so would degrade the overall user experience of the forums.

The optimal solution, as I see it, would be to add an option to include an excerpt - it wouldn’t have to be more than a checkbox below the RSS options, that makes it pull out the first paragraph of the post, or something of the sort.

These are very, very different things. The button does a http request to dynamically retrieve and insert the complete (ish) contents of the blog post in the page.

“full post contents being included” is absolutely incorrect, the full post never appears on the page.

If you go to

and look at a few, you’ll see that some are excerpts and some are full posts.

SitePoint uses WordPress and my understanding is that the “excerpt” needs to be done on the WordPress side of things by the Article author else the full post goes over.

Sorry, I don’t know how or what that might be, but it is not a Discourse thing AFAIK

I don’t understand. If you uncheck the embed_truncate option it displays the complete(ish) contents of the blog and there is no way around that. If you check the embed_truncate option, clearly the rest of the post content appears after you click the button.

HOW would you configure the rss embed like here in meta with Discourse blog? With no button and only an excerpt shown. Or any other way with less than complete(ish) post contents available for the user.

It’s quite easy to generate the excerpt on the blog side and have a div on the page with the excerpt contents. The options let you pass on blacklist and whitelist selectors for the ruby readability algorithm, so you should be able to pick that one up for the post content. Except, this functionality seems broken at the moment in Discourse and the content reverts to full post contents the first time the script checks for changes in the blog.

I’ve found a workaround for this.

If you disable the rss feed polling, the whitelist/blacklist settings start working again. Just keep the other settings like they are now. You can then put whatever css-classes you want in the whitelist/blacklist to select the excerpt from your blog post.

The downsides are that the topic creation only happens the first time a user visits the blog post and that the opening post doesn’t update automatically any more if you edit the blog.