Is there any way to reset the counter of views on topics?

Hi there, i started a new forum and have created few topics to establish a content, in the course of doing that i have visited these topics many times on my own, now these have 40+ views, all mine…
how can i reset the “views” counter to 0 to let the real views of real users determine which ones are at the top and give a chance for new topics by users to feature at the top of the list.

I don’t recommend doing this, keep in mind we would only count a view for you every 8 hours … that said … if you must

cd /var/docker
./launcher enter app
rails c
Topic.update_all(views: 0) 

Thanks sam, I’ve learned the hard way not to go to these dark places of discourse :blush: it’s not that important anyway

On phpBB there is a mod so that topic views by the OP do not increase the topic views counter.

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