Is there any way to subscribe to categories

(Chris Leong) #1

I think it would be useful to be able to receive notifications when someone posts in a particular category

Get notified about unanswered questions
(Daniel Hölbling) #2

If I understand this so far correctly, Categories are created by the Forum owners.
So unless you have a forum with only a few users and lots of categories, you’ll get overwhelmed by the notifications pretty soon.

But I believe this could still be done as a Plugin…

(Chris Leong) #3

It depends on the size of the forum. I think Jeff said that they might add sub-categories. That might keep it manageable

Alternatively, it might be useful to be able to favourite or ignore categories (like on StackOverflow) so that you can ensure the front page only contains topics interesting to you

(AstonJ) #4

I think being able to favourite categories (and tags - if we get them) is a good idea. On large forums people will want to filter out things that don’t interest them.

(Daniel Hölbling) #5

That’s actually a great idea… notifications can get messy , but just having a personalized start-page that only shows topics of interest to you sounds wonderful.

(Chris Leong) #6

What would be really cool is if it works like RSS or Facebook groups where you can see all the topics that are new since the last time you visited (without having to browse through ones that were simply updated)

(Sam Saffron) #7

Declaring special interest or dis-interest in a category is on the cards. Have not fleshed out the mechanics yet.

(Dev) #8

Has this feature been implemented yet?

(Alexander) #9

Could use IFTTT and the RSS feed for the category to create a temporary workaround.

(Dan Mazzini) #10

I’m interested in this feature too. Any news?

(Martin) #11

I would not be interested in this myself due to the sure overload of posts that you would get. I guess it could be useful in some circumstances though.

(Peter Jaros) #12

It would be useful for restricted categories like Meta’s Blog category.

(Peter Jaros) #13

I take that back in this case; I didn’t realize that there’s a separate actual Discourse blog. But it can be useful for announcement-type categories in general.

(Jeff Atwood) #14

This has been possible for a while now, on your user preferences page.

It’s also possible on the category page itself now:

Courtesy of @catrinsj1611 aka Catrin (Catrin) · GitHub

(Jeff Atwood) #15