Is there any way to unassociate a reply from the post you replied to?

(Drew) #1

With the forum I used prior to Discourse, it didn’t matter which post you replied to and only associated your post with others if you quoted something from that post, but with Discourse I’ll habitually click the reply button on the lowest post, post my response to the original post and not the reply, and then now it appears as if I’m replying to the reply instead of the original post. Normally I just resolve this by editing my post and add in @OP / person I was replying to at the beginning, but is there a better way to either change the post your post is replying to or unassociate it from the one it’s linked to?

(Sam Saffron) #2

There is no way to edit out the association, its kind of weird to allow it cause there is a notification out there that may have already been read.

(Tom Newsom) #3

I think the problem is that your natural eye movement lands you on the Reply-To-Post button when you finish reading. It also uses a larger font than the Reply-To-Topic button. We’ve made a size change on our own install:

Right-aligning the Reply button is trickier though, cos the progress indicator overlap at narrow window sizes.