Is there anyway to add many users by admin?

(Mewth) #1

I am planning to use Discourse in Mailing List Mode. I would like to shift my old traditional mailing list to Discourse.

The ML has about 4,000 members, and they don’t want to register, click url in email or some other action.

Can I add there members to Discourse by as much as easy way?

(Bhanu Sharma) #2

I’m not very sure but if they send an email to your mailing list (hosted on discourse) then a staged user is automatically created using that ID, they don’t have to register.

(Mewth) #3

Thank you. I forgot to write important thing : the mailing list have to be private.
In private mode, I think it is need to add users before send an email. Is that correct?

(Bhanu Sharma) #4

I haven’t used mailing list mode much so I may not be of much help! but I assume that you can add the users by submitting their emails, haven’t tried can’t be sure though!


Take a look at his topic:

There are a few others - search for import users.

(Jay Pfaffman) #6

Are you planning to import the mailing list data? That’d import the users & you could then just mark them all as active.