Is `Use Discourse Comments` the same as `Enable Discourse Comments`?

(Keith John Hutchison) #1

I’m working through getting a WordPress site to work with Discourse via the WP-Discourse plugin.

The discourse server is running. The plugin is activated and comments are still be handled by WordPress rather than Discourse.

I’m rereading the documentation.

Comment Settings

To enable Discourse comments on your WordPress site select the Use Discourse Comments checkbox. To control which comments appear on your site, adjust the settings for Min number of replies , Min score of posts , Min trust level , Bypass trust level score , and Only import comments liked by a moderator .

There is no Use Discourse Comments checkbox.
There is an Enable Discourse Comments checkbox.
I assumed they were the same thing. Are they the same thing?

(Simon Cossar) #2

The ‘Use Discourse Comments’ setting was renamed. I need to update the docs. To enable comments, select the ‘Enable Discourse Comments’ checkbox and then select either ‘Display comments’ or the ‘Display a link to the comments’ from the radio options that will appear.

(Keith John Hutchison) #3

Thanks Simon