Issue logging in on iOS 12 beta with discourse-saml and Okta

(Dave McClure) #1

A user on our site recently reported that they were unable to log in on their iOS device. Our site is configured only to allow login via the discourse-saml, which is configured to use Okta.

I don’t have an iOS device, but another user was able to reproduce the issue and found that login works fine on iOS 11, but not on iOS 12 beta.

it might just be that it’s a weird iOS 12 bug - it seems that when it does a post with the SAML Response, it’s not including the _forum_session cookie, which definitely causes problems.

I realize this is not something the Discourse may be able to do anything about at this time:

But I thought I’d report it in case someone else runs into it, or happens to know of a workaround…

(Dave McClure) #2

One theory:

Perhaps due to Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.0 1


There’s a new PB build out today (Build: blah339e) … make sure they’ve updated?

I’ve noticed that Safari is incredibly flakey on iOS 12 so far, but then again Discourse is a pretty demanding use of a browser (but in a good way!)

The first few weeks of any iOS or macOS Beta are always a bit risky …

(Jeff Atwood) #4

The workaround is to use an iOS 11 device :wink: