Issue with blog integration comments on Octopress homepage

(Justin Gordon) #1

I’ve got discourse integrated into my octopress blog. It works great on the individual article pages.

However, on the homepage, I see this. Any advice? You can see this at Just scroll down.

Besides incorrectly listing many links, the links go to the wrong pages. For individual article pages, I get the correct display of comments.

(Tobias Eigen) #2

It looks to me like you have the embed code in the posts, which then are all included on posts you display in the front page. That won’t work. What I did on my drupal blog is put the code in a block that displays at the bottom only of actual post pages and does not show up anywhere else.

Does octopress have a feature to suppress “read more” content at the bottom of your post? If so maybe that would help you here.