Issue with Custom CSS when modifying groups

(Wint) #1

May have found an issue here. I have set up and enabled a custom style sheet (still allowing the standard sheet). This works fine until I went to add a group in the admin panel. If I add the group, then click save, then refresh the page, the custom sheet is blown away (shift + refresh doesn’t work either) and the only way to get it back is to go and change something in the sheet (so that the save button is enabled) and then click save. Shift + Refresh then reloads the custom CSS.

Also I would like to add that it would be nice to get some kind of message that the group saved when the save button is clicked.

(Wint) #2

Forgot to add, I’m running the current version of discourse ( on DigitalOcean, 2gb of ram, 2 CPUs. I went through the standard install guide. If someone needs access I can give you an admin account, at this point I’m just playing with Discourse before releasing it to my group of friends online.

(Robin Ward) #3

There are definitely some issues with custom stylesheets not displaying on every reload. I’ve found it’s more common when you are the one who creates them so I suspect it might be cookie/session related. I’ve asked @sam about it and I’m sure it’s on his list.

In the meantime, if you go to the custom stylesheet admin section and click preview you can get it to load again. I think it is not a problem for other non-cookied users (try using incognito to confirm).

(Wint) #4

Thanks for the fast reply. Yeah I noticed a while later (at least a half an hour) I did another SHIFT+Refresh and all of a sudden it was back, but I’m not positive on how long that was.

(Sam Saffron) #5

these weird issues should be fixed after:

(Sam Saffron) #6