Issue with deleting categories and counter?

(Majed Alhrbi) #1

I converted my Q&A database from wordpress to discourse. the conversion completed successfully But I faced two issues:

  • all tags becomes as category in Discourse and I can not delete it even after moving all the topics in these categories.

    all categories in above screenshot does not have any topic. but the number is not updated
    Is there anyway (or command) to update these numbers ?

  • Users counted numbers also didn’t change and shows as zeros.
    Is there any command to Update counters in Discourse?

I tried to rebuild discourse but the numbers still same.

(Majed Alhrbi) #2

No one knows how to resolve this problem ??

(Mittineague) #3

Without knowing how you

I don’t imagine anyone would be able to offer any fixes.

I’m only guessing, but despite your feeling that

I’m inclined to think it was unsuccessful, you should fix the “converter”, and start over.