Issues in discourse's multi-site configuration

(Hammad Abbasi) #1

Hi ,

I have been trying to configure multi-site Discourse, I followed the guide Multisite configuration with Docker

and configured two domains, Bootstrapping works without any issues however when i access site using second domain it loads first site ( I can’t able to figure out why site-data is not separated )

(I noticed that multisite.yml is being referenced path: $home/config/multisite.yml but I haven’t created one as host_names are defined in app.yml ) and i read somewhere that this file is optional ? Please confirm

My domains are like and

any help on how to troubleshoot this problem would be appropriated. Thanks

(Hammad Abbasi) #2

anyone else had this issue ?

(Oleg Bovykin) #3

It would be good to share config files to start.

(Hammad Abbasi) #5

app.yml (4.7 KB)
Please check attached app.yml

(Hammad Abbasi) #6

I was able to make it work . Thanks for your response