Issues with Android Firefox 86.1.1

I am aware that the market share of Android Firefox neglible and that the Discourse policy is to support the expected default browsers. On the other hand, the desire for some online privacy seems to be a bit of a mega-trend, thus a number of alternative browsers have emerged. And then of course there is Firefox, the descendant of Netscape Navigator, that tries to hang in there.

Mozilla has made some great progress recently and I decided to give it a shot on Android. Unfortunately Discourse is a web app that suffers from great incompatibility with the :fox_face: , or the other way around. I immediately observed the following:

  • Touch off-set issues in the message composer
  • Scrolling movement the list of topics or within a topic starts juttering after one has posted or edited a post. Looks like some kind of a performance issue. You need to perform a refresh to recover
  • Message composer positioning issues, ie. it is not always where it should be (on Chrome). Usually floating half an inch from the bottom of the screen

These are just some very quick findings in a matter of few minutes on Firefox. To summarize: Discourse is not comfortably usable on this browser.

As far as I’m concerned, Discourse does officially support the Android version of Firefox.

There are a plethora of other issues though. Maybe I’m wrong?

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No, we do not. The supported browsers are listed in our website.

This one I bet it’s caused by our synchronous scroll listener. It’s a jQuery related, so it should get better post Ember CLI upgrade this year.

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I stand corrected then. Is the market share of the mobile version of Mozilla Firefox just too small to consider officially supporting it? Just curious… :thinking: