Issues with deprecated Patreon Webhooks

(Jai Haze) #1

This seems to be a problem since the deprecated Patreon settings. I have tried to disable everything but the top 3 and it keeps getting paused. I know you guys are working on this but I have been dealign with this problem for a bit now

(Daniela) #2

First you should resume your webhooks, then when you click on Send test for each of the 3 webhook enabled what is the result?
Send some screenshots please

(Jai Haze) #3

ill do you one better :wink:

(Jai Haze) #4

I just tried deleting it and readding it, now I get error 403

(Jai Haze) #5

mine is fixed now, just using depreciated I had to reset it a couple times and re-add it