Issues with disabling digest emails

(Colin) #1

I want to fully disable digest emails for all users on my site (don’t ask why… I realize this is really dumb but I have to do it.)

I went into settings - admin/site_settings/category/email - and set “default digest email frequency” to “never” … but emails are still being sent to users.

Any ideas on what I need to do to make sure that these messages aren’t sent?

(Régis Hanol) #2

You can change the value in the database, but it won’t prevent the users from changing it back.

Once ssh-ed into your server

cd /var/discourse # or /var/docker
./launcher enter app # or the name you used for your container
rails c
User.update_all(email_digests: false)

Disable/suspend digest emails
(Colin) #3

Cool… thanks. So just to confirm, does that mean that setting digest frequency to Never in the admin view doesn’t actually work?

I’m more than happy to change at the DB level, but would love to confirm that so that I can flag for my own admins.


(Kane York) #4

I’m pretty sure that’s the default for new users - the DB change will change all existing users.

(Colin) #5

Ah… Thanks. That makes perfect sense. Much appreciated!

(Joe Skilton) #6

Is it possible to update the digest frequency for existing users in a similar fashion?