Issues with multiple attachments


I see several problems with attachments, when drop multiple files selection.

  • at first : when more than 15 file selected, we have an error. Total weight is only 650 ko… Weight is not the problem. Where to increase the limit of number ?
  • attachment are not sorted as initially. When we select 1.jpg, 2.jpg…, inserted attachments are randomed : 2.jpg, 1.jpg…
  • if we want to re-order manually, it is difficult to read tags. Is it possible to modify code, having one tag per line ?

Many thanks, it will be very helpfull, because my members send lot of attachemnts.

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What error?

It’s a known limitation. Uploads are inserted in the composer as soon as they’re finished uploaded.
It’s on my :memo: to improve the UX.

We want to support inline images so always adding new lines won’t work… We need to be smarter about it, but since there’s an easy workaround (upload file one by one), it’s low on my list.


Maybe possible just to add sorting by file name in the code ?

It will be very userfull to can choose default behavior, in admin params… :

Many thanks for attention

For the one upload per line, I think it might be done via plugin, but it’s really not my forte.

This should be the part related to this, we would need to reopen this function :

Adding a /n just after || upload.url}) in line 345 should do the trick :

    return `![${name}|${upload.width}x${upload.height}](${upload.short_url || upload.url})`;

But I never know how exactly reopen and rewrite these functions.

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We’ve made it so users can’t shoot themselves in the foot by ensuring they don’t drag & drop more than 5 files at the same time.

@maja’s recent work should have fix that. Try it and let us know :wink: