Issues with "Start a Discussion" in Comments

(tdops) #1

I have currently implemented Discourse as a commenting tool on our website but I have noticed that people are directed to the forum to “start a discussion” instead easily adding comments on the same page.

Please see the sample page

Please do anyone have any suggestions?
Also is there are way for me to “mute” all the pages that are created automatically by the comments on the Forum. It’s getting a bit too distracting.



It says “Start a Discussion” but link correctly to topic.
Just change the link’s text.

(tdops) #3

Thanks a lot for the help. I know it links correctly but I don’t want the users to go to the forum to make a comment. I want them to make the comment on the website. Any suggestions?

(Kane York) #4

Discourse has no plans to support embedded composing of posts.

(tdops) #5

Thanks @riking. Is this authoritative or are you being speculative? Just checking to know to put the functionality in the back buner.

Can I also assume that I can not mute all the autogenerated topics from the comments?

Finally, do you if there is a cleaner way of using Discourse for comments?