Italian (consistent) translation for key words like "post" and "topic"

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I think we should take particular attention in translating key words which are spread throughout the whole Discourse platform. I’d like to focus for the moment on two important keywords which either have not been always translated into Italian.

We should resist the strong temptation of not translating words we may be familiar with, but have no meaning in our language, and that the typical grandma wouldn’t understand. After all, we should strive to make the platform easy for the final user, not for the staff working on it (translators, programmers, etc.). While words like byte or RAM are now common (even among grandmas), there are other words which are not so immediate and that have corresponding translations that everyone in the destination language understand.

post (noun)
I know, it’s concise and it has a corresponding verb. Very cool. But the average Italian person would surely be confused by this word (posto as a noun means place).

A post is a message tied to a topic, it is something a member inserts for other members to read, it can contain text, images, video or all of that. It is a piece of information, an information exchange from a single source to multiple destinations. I think the best translation of post in Italian would be messaggio.

Concise too. In Italian topico has the same meaning of topic, it’s root comes from greek τοπικός derivative of τόπος, luogo (place). It is a polished word not very common, we use it sometimes to say specific. But no one uses this word to mean argument or discussion. I believe the best translation of topic should be discussione or argomento. Maybe the latter is more relevant, because argomento means exactly topic, matter, subject, while discussione means discussion, and would be more relevant used as a translation of thread. And while we’re at that:

A set of related, structured messages about a specific topic. Is discussion a synonym of thread? Then discussione should be its translation.

What do you think?

Italian translators, please read
Italian translators, please read

I like the translation of post as messaggio. There’s the ethimology from the latin verb mittere, (to post) which is a parallel to English. See also missiva.

Argomento is a great translation. I would love also tema (shorter), I like the fact that it indicates both the argument as an idea and the written exposition about it.

Discussione is very good. But since the spirit of Discourse is a civilized discussion also with fun and in a costructive way, also Conversazione would fit.

Anyway good job! I think it is always worth to try to translate as much as possible, because that’s a great contribute in shortening the distance between people and the medium (the forum software).