Its a real struggle to move my team across from Slack, they miss the mobile notifications. how did you solve this?

New Discourse user. we had a team running well of Slack but wanted to move it in house, so users could register themselves without the time consuming invite email process and we could bring in more people than we have now.

The forum looks great, but the team are complaining that they don’t want to move because they aren’t getting notifications on their mobile, like they do with slack. i’ve set emails to go with each reply, and push notifications on chrome, but it isn’t satisfying Slack users.

Has anyone else dealt with this, and what did you do to get discourse to be as direct and engaging on a mobile as slack is?

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If your community is mostly Android users, the notifications plugin for Android will solve everything you need. If they want moar notification, they can set every category to Watched and get their phones to buzz a lot.

If they use iOS, you can use our app plus our hosting for real time notifications.


thanks for the reply. i have the android app on my phone and can use it to access the forum. it’s never buzzed about anything though. is there something you have do to get push notifications up?

The app will only have real time notifications for our hosted customers.

On Android, you can get push notifications without the app using this plugin. Remember that HTTPS is a must for it to work.


ah. i think HTTPS is where we are slipping up them. thanks

that looks like a big job to set up :confused:

HTTPS is very simple actually! Just a edit on the app.yml and a rebuild.


If you’re self-hosting, there’s an option for push notifications on iOS. Check out the Pushover notifcations plugin.